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Library staff provide reference assistance at the main reference desk on level one. Faculty members may telephone the reference desk (330077) with general queries or matters relating to United Kingdom law. References to foreign, comparative or international law may be directed to Lesley Dingle.

Library staff also provide instruction in the use of "iDiscover", the online university-wide catalogue system.

Research support

Faculty members can arrange for individual instruction in the use of any of the subscription or publicly available databases. To request this service where it relates to United Kingdom law, contact David Wills and for international, foreign or comparative law, contact Lesley Dingle.


Faculty members may request the reference librarians to arrange for individual or group Library tours for themselves, their visitors or their classes. These can be of a general nature or tailored for a specific area of interest. Please contact David Wills in this regard.

Subscription Services

The library offers several subscription services to Faculty members:

  • Lawtel
    The Squire Law library is able to offer a daily update of Lawtel to any Faculty Members. This would be in the form of an e-mail in which the following information can be expected:
    • Case reports one day after judgment is given
    • New statutes, Statutory instruments, Parliamentary Bills, Green or White Papers
  • Legal Scholarship Network
    The Legal Scholarship Network and the Economics Research Network, both divisions of Social Science Research Network, publish email abstracts of working papers and articles accepted for publication in economics and law, as well as announcements of professional meetings, calls for papers, and professional job listings.
  • Transnational Dispute Management (TDM)
    E-mail updates on recent developments in the area of arbitration and dispute management.

If you would like to subscribe to any of these, please contact Lesley Dingle.