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Library Support for Cambridge MCL Students

There are two key elements of library provision that are relevant to students on the Masters in Corporate Law  programme – namely, the dedicated book collections that support the MCL course and the virtual learning environment, known as Moodle. Both sets of resources are managed by Mrs Elizabeth Edwards-Waller who is the MCL & LLM Collections Supervisor and is the key contact in the library for all MCL students.  Lizz can be contacted by e-mail: or by telephone: (3) 30068. Alternatively she is often on duty at the Library Reference Desk or at the Library Office (Room F7) on the first floor, together with the other members of the Squire team.

The MCL Book Collection

The MCL book collection is reserved for Cambridge MCL students and reflects the needs of the taught courses on the programme. This collection is small (about 120-130 volumes in total) and is located at the end of the first bay on the first floor of the Squire Law Library. All books can be identified by a green sticker on the spine and arranged with an MCL class-mark.

Borrowing Privileges for MCL Students

This book collection is borrowable by the MCL students for 24 hours or over the weekend (ie. from Friday to Monday, or Saturday to Monday). Three books may be borrowed from the MCL Collections by any one student in one day.

Students wishing to borrow books should take them to the Library Reference Desk on the first floor with their University Card. In addition there are a number of publications that are housed separately in the adjacent LLM collection, which is a larger collection also housed in the first two books-stacks. MCL students can share these books with the LLM students and are permitted to borrow relevant texts from this section as well. These titles are denoted by a red spine sticker and an LLM class-mark.

Renewal of loans

Loans can be renewed once at:

Other Information about Loans

It should be noted that no student with overdue books can borrow from the library and fines can be incurred for failure to return books by their due date. Please note borrowing stops 30 minutes before library closing.

MCL students have borrowing rights at the main University Library where the borrowing entitlement is a maximum of  20 books for 8 weeks. Further information can be found on the Admissions website:


The virtual learning environment, Moodle allows for materials – handouts, reading lists and some journal articles and book chapters - to be made available for students to access. Students can access Moodle at:

Space to study

MCL students may choose to work on any of the three library floors. There are 350 reader seats available (190 of which are on floor three). Wireless access to services is available throughout the library and there are additional spaces at the front end of floors two and three where desktop computers are available for use. MCL students can also make use of the printing, scanning and photocopying facilities that are positioned near to those computer clusters.