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Official Journal [TE.c./26.1]

The L Series of the Official Journal publishes the authoritative text of treaties.

European Communities Command Papers [TE.c.26/14]

This series numbers treaties in each year and runs parallel to the United Kingdom Treaty Series.

Blackstone's EC Legislation Handbook edited by Foster [TE.c.4/7]

This is an unofficial version of the Treaties.

Basic Community Law by Rudden and Wyatt [TE.c.4/1]

This is an unofficial version of the Treaties.

Secondary Legislation

Official Journal [TE.c./26.1]

This is the official source of legislation. It contains the text of proposed and enacted legislation and information on the community institutions.

Commission Documents (Com Documents) [TE.c.26/19]

COM Docs contain the Commission's proposals for legislation, annual reports and statements on policy. They become public after a period of consultation and only the final version is published. Coverage in the Library is from 1998 to April 2003 when they ceased publication. To retrieve COM Docs after this date, use the Europa site (See Documents of Public Interest ) or (Legislation in Preparation ).

General Report on the Activities of the European Union [TE.c.33/5]

This annual publication provides inter alia a synopsis of legal developments during the year with footnote references to secondary legislation appearing in the Official Journal, both as draft and enacted law. Annexes supply information on the progress of selected Directives during the year. This publication is available on the Europa server.

European Current Law [TE.c.33/10]

Published since 1992, its content differs from the Current Law Monthly Digest in that it digests EC law as well as European law. Arragnement of the material is by subject heading. The section on the European Union digests selective legislation and cases. There is no electronic version.

Bulletin of the European Union [TE.c.33/10]

This appears 10 times in a year. Although it has a similar function to the General Report, it does not contain a summary of developments but rather notes on the passage of legislation. There are useful citations to all materials noted. The Bulletin is accessible from the Europa server.


European Court Reports [TE.c.5/7]

The official series of European Court judgments is entitled Reports of Cases before the Court of Justice and Court of First Instance, better known as the European Court Reports (abbreviated to E.C.R.) The Squire Library has an English and a French language set of the Reports covering the judgments of the Court since 1954. Since 1990 the Reports have been divided into two parts. Part 1 contains ECJ cases and Part II CFI cases. Since 1994 staff cases have been published separately as Reports of European Community Staff Cases (ECS-SC). Cases are available since 1954 on Justis Context, Lexis and Westlaw. Recent cases are published on the EU website.

Common Market Law Reports [TE.c.5/10]

This is the main alternative to the European Court Reports. It is published by Sweet & Maxwell and also covers cases with an EC dimension in national courts. It appears sooner than the European Court Reports, with a full, if not official report. Although it does not report all cases, it does report cases of significance. They are also available on Westlaw UK.

All England Law Reports European Cases [J.c.55/140]

This series began in 1995 and is now devoted exclusively to ECJ decisions although in the earlier volumes, some English cases appeared.

European Law Reports [TE.c.5/25]

Begun in 1997, this publication does not attempt to compete with the other series. Rather its purpose is to cover cases dealing with issues of EU law heard in the domestic courts of the UK and Ireland.

European Copyright and Design Reports []

Coverage is from 2000 onwards.

European Patent Decisions []

Coverage is from 1992 onwards.

European Patent Office Reports []

Coverage is from 1986 onwards.

European Trade Mark Reports []

Coverage is from 1996 onwards.