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Inter-Library Loans

Inter-Library loan requests should be directed to the main University Library.

Photocopying/Printing/Scanning facilities

The Squire has three MFDs (multi-functional devices), one located on each of the three floors of the library:

  • Floor 1: housed in the room located directly opposite the Library's reference Desk. It is the second machine on the right hand side.
  • Floor 2: at the 'sharp', front end of the floor located near to the computer cluster.
  • Floor 3: situated within the book-stacks on the office side at the end of stack 5/6 .

In order to make use of the MFDs for the purposes of printing, scanning and photocopying, users need to ensure that there is sufficient credit on their computer accounts. See the Computer Office website for further information.

Coin-operated Photocopier

On the first floor, in the room opposite the Library's Reference desk, next to the MFD there is one coin operated photocopier for fast, instant and pay-as-you-go photocopies. The cost of 5 pence for an A4 copy or 10 pence for A3.

IT Facilities

Three PCs, with adjustable height desks, are available on the first floor area near the Enquiry desk. Further PCs, on fixed height desks, are available on the second and third floors. The Library also has two designated terminals for access to electornic legal deposit materials.

Please book a visit to use the IT facilities, including the photocopying, printing and scanning facilities.


It is the individual's responsibility to ensure that their actions do not breach copyright or the licence agreements. Details concerning copyright can be found in the vicinity of the photocopiers in the Squire Law Library.