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Other Refereed Contribution to Refereed Journals

Symposium on Australasian Constitutionalism: Introduction. International Journal of Constitutional Law. 14. 2016


Edited Books

An Inquiry into the Existence of Global Values Through the Lens of Comparative Constitutional Law 2015

Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Systems: Comparative Structures and Dynamics 2015

Research Book Chapters

Comparing Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Systems: An Introduction. Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Systems: Comparative Structures and Dynamics. 2015

Conclusion. An Inquiry into the Existence of Global Values Through the Lens of Comparative Constitutional Law. Hart Publishing. 2015

Conclusion: Comparative Experiences of Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Systems. Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Systems: Comparative Structures and Dynamics. Oxford University Press. 2015

Constitutional Dimensions of Statutory Interpretation. Public Law in the Age of Statutes: Essays in Honour of Dennis P. 2015

Designing and Operating Constitutions in Global Context. The Cambridge Companion to Public Law. 2015

Introduction. An Inquiry into the Existence of Global Values Through the Lens of Comparative Constitutional Law. 2015

Values in Australian Constitutionalism. An Inquiry into the Existence of Global Values Through the Lens of Comparative Constitutional Law. Hart Publishing. 2015

Journal Articles Refereed

THE CONCEPT OF THE CROWN. Melbourne University Law Review. 38. 2015

Journal Articles Unrefereed

Reforming Australian Federal Democracy. Meanjin Quarterly. 74. 2015

Other Refereed Contribution to Refereed Journals

Indigenous Constitutional Recognition: The Concept of Consultation. Indigenous Law Bulletin. 8. 2015


Research Book Chapters

Constitution-making in Myanmar: Insights from World Experience. Law, Society and Transition in Myanmar. Hart Publishing. 2014

Judicial engagement. Comparative Constitutional Law in Asia. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. 2014

The Australian Federation: A Story of the Centralization of Power. Federalism and Legal Unification: A Comparative Empirical Investigation of Twenty Systems. Springer. 2014

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The impact of internationalisation on national constitutions. Constitutionalism in Asia in the Early Twenty-First Century. Cambridge University Press. 2014

Journal Articles Unrefereed

Constitutional review in peace processes: Securing local ownership. Accord: an international review of peace initiatives. 25. 2014


Edited Books

Routledge Handbook of Constitutional Law. Routledge. 2013

Research Book Chapters

Australia: An "integrated" Federation?. Routledge Handbook of Federalism and Regionalism. Routledge. 2013

Constitutional pluralism: New challenges for constitutional theory. Constitutionalism and Constitutional Pluralism: One Supreme Law Many Communities: Contemporary Issues in India, South-East Asia, China & Europe. LexisNexis. 2013

Constitutions embedded in different legal systems. Routledge Handbook of Constitutional Law. Routledge. 2013

Reference to foreign precedents by the Australian High Court: A matter of method. The Use of Foreign Precedents by Constitutional Judges. Hart Publishing. 2013

Journal Articles Refereed

Constitutional reasoning as legitimacy of constitutional comparison: Comment on Konrad Lachmayer. German Law Journal. 14. 2013


Research Book Chapters

Cooperative arrangements in comparative perspective. The Future of Australian Federalism: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Cambridge University Press. 2012

International regimes and domestic arrangements: A view from inside out. Regime Interaction in International Law: Facing Fragmentation. Cambridge University Press. 2012

Le fédéralisme Australien et l'autonomie locale (Australian federalism and local autonomy). L'Australie. Seuil. 2012

Book Chapters Other

Australia. Federalism and Legal Unification: A Comparative Empirical Investigation of Twenty Systems. International Academy of Comparative Law. 2012

Parliamentary sovereignty and written constitutions in comparative perspective. The Sri Lankan Republic at 40: Reflections on Constitutional History, Theory and Practice. Centre for Policy Alterntives (CPA). 2012

Journal Articles Refereed

Constitution as catalyst: Different paths within Australasian Administrative law. New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law. 10. 2012

Constitution-making in the 21st century. International Review of Law. 2012. 2012


Authored Research Books

The Constitution of Australia: A contextual analysis. Hart Publishing. 2011

Research Book Chapters

Can federalism have jurisprudential weight?. The Federal Idea: Essays in Honour of Ronald L. Watts. McGill-Queen's University Press. 2011

Judical engagement with comparative law. Comparative Constitutional Law. Edward Elgar Publishing. 2011

Journal Articles Refereed

The constitutional credentials of state constitutions. Rutgers Law Journal. 42. 2011


Research Book Chapters

Beyond minimalism. Constitutional Perspectives on an Australian Republic: Essays in Honour of Professor George Winterton. Federation Press. 2010

Constitutions, codes, and administrative law: The Australian experience. Effective Judicial Review: A Cornerstone of Good Governance. Oxford University Press. 2010

Reforming the fundamental law constitutional change and public participation. World of All Human Rights: Soli J Sorabjee, A Festschrift. Universal Law Publishing Co.. 2010

Book Chapters Other

The Australian Constitution and our rights. Future Justice. Future Leaders. 2010

Conference Papers Refereed

Form of government: Evaluating the principal options 2010


Research Book Chapters

Overlap: Inconsistency, conflict and choice: Reconciling multiple norms in the Australian Federation. Judge made Federalism? The Role of Courts in Federal Systems. NOMOS Verlag. 2009

To be or not to be: The constitutional relationship between New Zealand and Australia. A Simple Common Lawyer: Essays in Honour of Michael Taggart. Hart Publishing. 2009

Journal Articles Refereed

Toward a global constitutional gene pool. National Taiwan University Law Review. 4. 2009

Other Refereed Contribution to Refereed Journals

Asian constitutions in comparative perspectives. National Taiwan University Law Review. 4. 2009

The sources and scope of Commonwealth power to spend. Public Law Review. 20. 2009


Research Book Chapters

Role of the expert advisor in the formulation of policy. The Role of the Policy Advisor: An Insider's Look. McGill-Queen's University Press. 2008

Book Chapters Other

The constitutional, legal and institutional foundations of Australian federalism. Where to for Australian Federalism. Centre for Independent Studies. 2008

Journal Articles Unrefereed Letters or Notes

Foreword. University of New South Wales Law Journal. 31. 2008

Major Reference Works

Constitutional conventions. Edition. 1 2008

Entrenchment of constitutions and legislation. Edition. 1 2008

Interpreting constitutions. Edition. 1 2008


Authored Research Books

Work Choices Case: Analysis and Implications. Thomson Lawbook Co. 2007

Edited Books

Sir Ninian Stephen: A Tribute. Miegunyah Press (Melbourne UP). 2007

Research Book Chapters

Chair of the constitutional centenary foundation. Sir Ninian Stephen: A Tributie. Miegunyah Press (Melbourne UP). 2007

Comparative constitutional law in the courts: Is there a problem?. Current legal problems 2006. Oxford University Press. 2007

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Journal Articles Refereed

The interesting times of Louis Favoreu. International Journal of Constitutional Law. 5. 2007

Journal Articles Unrefereed

Making and (perhaps) changing the Constitution of Iraq. Public Law Review. 18. 2007

Journal Articles Unrefereed Letters or Notes

Book review: Borrowing constitutional designs by C Schacht. Australian Journal of Political Science. 42. 2007

Common sense. The Sydney Papers. 17. 2007

Major Reference Works

Work Choices: The High Court Challenge. Edition. 1 2007

Conference Papers Refereed

Interaction in a Federal System 2007

The division of power in the Australian Federation 2007


Edited Books

Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Governance in Federal Countries. McGill-Queen's University Press. 2006

The Future of the European Judicial System in a Comparative Perspective. NOMOS Verlag. 2006

Research Book Chapters

Apples, Oranges and Comparative Administrative Law. Acta Juridica: Comparing Administrative Justice across the Commonwealth. 2006

Budgetary federalism: Balance of interests and contradictions. Convergence of Legal Systems in the 21st Century. Bruylant. 2006

Democracy, Transparency and the Apparent Demise of the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe. Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies. Hart Publishing. 2006

Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Institutions: A Synthesis. Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Governance in Federal Countries. McGill-Queen's University Press. 2006

Book Chapters Other

Commonwealth of Australia. Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Governance in Federal Countries. McGill-Queen's University Press. 2006

Journal Articles Refereed

The Use and Misuse of Comparative Constitutional Law. Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies. 13. 2006

Journal Articles Unrefereed

Separation of powers and the judicial branch. Judicial Review. 11. 2006


Research Book Chapters

Constitutional rights and the common law. The constitution in private relations: Expanding Constitutionalism. Eleven International Publishing. 2005

Book Chapters Other

A Global Dialogue on Federalism: Conceptual Framework. Constitutional Origins, Structure and Change in Federal Countries. McGill-Queen's University Press. 2005

Australia. Constitutional origins, structure and change in federal countries. McGill-Queen's University Press. 2005

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Journal Articles Refereed

Intergovernmental agreements and the executive power. Public Law Review. 16. 2005

Plaintiff S157/2002: A case-study in common law constitutionalism. Australian Journal of Administrative Law. 12. 2005

Conference Papers Unrefereed

Comparative method and constitutional law 2005

Disputes over social and economic rights: Law, politics, money 2005


Research Book Chapters

A case study in Common Law Constitutionalism. Demokratie und Sozialer Rechtsstaat in Europa 2004. WUV Universitatsverlag. 2004

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Book Chapters Other

Making constitutions: Including women. Peace Work: Armed Conflict and Negiotation. Women Unlimited. 2004

Rights, federalism and the Australian states. Constitution Lex Superior. Association de Droit Constitutionnel de Serbie. 2004

Journal Articles Refereed

Government regulation by contract: Implications for the rule of law. Public Law Review. 15. 2004

Interpreting the constitution. Public Law Review. 15. 2004

Protecting rights in the Australian Federation. Adelaide Law Review. 25. 2004

Journal Articles Unrefereed Letters or Notes

Dividing powers in the contemporary world 2004


Edited Books

Reflections on the Australian constitution. Federation Press. 2003

The rule of law. The Federation Press. 2003

Revised Books

It's your constitution: Governing Australia today. Federation Press. 2003

Research Book Chapters

Budgetary federalism: Balancing federalism and representative government. Mensch und Staat: Festschrift for Thomas Fleiner. University of Frieberg Press. 2003

Building federal state co-operation. Australia's Choices: Options for a Prosperous and Fair Society. University of New South Wales Press. 2003

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Book Chapters Other

Asia, Oceania and constitutionalism. Perspectives of constitutionalism in Asia. Shinzansha International. 2003

It be a leading case. Marbury v Madison 1803-2003, a French-American dialogue. Dalloz. 2003

Major Reports and Working Papers

Australian federalism, state constitutions and the protection of minority rights 2003


Authored Research Books

Asia-Pacific Constitutional Systems.. Cambridge University Press. 2002

Edited Books

Trade and Cooperation with the European Union in the New Millennium. Kluwer Law International. 2002

Research Book Chapters

Insights from the Experience of the Constitutional Centenary Foundation for the Future Republican Movement.. Constitutional Politics: The Republic Referendum and the Future.. University of Queensland Press. 2002

Protecting Rights in Common Law Constitutional Systems: A Framework for a Comparative Study.. Essays in Honour of Sir Ivor Richardson.. Victoria University Press. 2002

Book Chapters Other

A Federation without Federalism.. Keeping the Show Together: The "Federalism Forums" 2001.. NSW Centenary of Federation Committee. 2002

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Der australische Bundesstaat.. Jahrbuch des Foederalismus 2002.. NOMOS Verlag. 2002

Journal Articles Refereed

Collaborative Federalism.. Australian Journal of Public Administration. 61. 2002

Journal Articles Unrefereed Letters or Notes

Courting Danger.. Eureka Street. 12. 2002

The Peculiarly Australian Preoccupation with Removal of a Head of State.. Notre Dame Law Review. 4. 2002


Research Book Chapters

Dividing Power in a Federation in an Age of Globalisation. Beyond the Republic: Meeting the Global Challenges to Constitutionalism. Federation Press. 2001

The Parliament as Partner: A Century of Constitutional Review. Parliament: The Vision in Hindsight. Federation Press. 2001

Book Chapters Other

A Constitutional Culture in Transition.. Constitutional Cultures. Institute of Public Affairs. 2001

Journal Articles Refereed

A New Direction for Intergovernmental Arrangements. Public Law Review. 12. 2001

Major Reference Works

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