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Professor Malcolm A ClarkProfessor Emeritus of Commercial Contract Law Malcolm A Clarke (St John's College) was a keen photographer who regularly recorded personalities at Faculty events and personal occasions over nearly forty years. He has kindly donated an album of his photographs to the Faculty. These have been scanned and catalogued and are now included in the Eminent Scholars Archive as a visual record of Faculty members, guests and Goodhart Visiting Professors from the late 70s to the early 2000s.

Professor Clarke's photographic work was all recorded using Nikon equipment. But, as Malcolm said himself, "then digital happened......"

For most of his working life, Professor Clarke lectured at the University of Cambridge, and also wrote on insurance and transport law for Lloyd's.

The photographs are available as a complete Flickr gallery which have been arranged by personality (including brief biographical details), that can be accessed via the table below. 

The Faculty thanks Professor Clarke and Mrs Eva Clarke for this generous gift, which will provide many insights into personalities who have passed through the Faculty, some of whom are sadly no longer with us. Those that have been interviewed for the Eminent Scholars Archive, and for whom there will also be more comprehensive details are indicated in the table. 


Allen, Kirsty Allison, John Allott, Philip
Eminent Scholars Archive
Andrews, Neil
Arden, Mary Bainham, Andrew Baker, John
Eminent Scholars Archive
Beatson, Jack
Bell, John Bevan, Hugh Bridge, Stuart Calabresi, Guido
Cheffins, Brian Clarke, Eva Clarke, Malcolm Collier, John
Cooke, Robin Cornish, Bill
Eminent Scholars Archive
Coussey, Mary Crawford, James
Eminent Scholars Archive
Dashwood, Alan Deakin, Simon Elias, Patrick Ernst, Wolfgang
Ewing, Keith Falconer, Charlie Fentiman, Richard Ferran, Eilís
Fleming, David Forsyth, Christopher Glazebrook, Peter Gray, Christine
Gray, Kevin Griggs, Patrick Grubb, Andrew Hall, John
Hedley, Steve Helmholz, Richard Hepple, Bob
Eminent Scholars Archive
Hokkaido, Yamamoto
Hopkins, John Ibbetson, David Jennings, Robbie Johnson, David
Jolowicz, Tony
Eminent Scholars Archive
Jones, Gareth Jones, Neil Kentridge, Sidney
Koopmans, Tim Langbein, John Lauterpacht, Eli
Eminent Scholars Archive
Lester, Anthony
Linehan, Peter Lipstein, Kurt
Eminent Scholars Archive
Lloyd-Jones, David Markesinis, Basil
Marks, Susan Marston, Geoffrey Mason, Anthony Matthews, Martin
McKean, Warwick McPhail, Ian Melikan, Rose Milsom, Toby
Eminent Scholars Archive
Mustill, Lord Michael Nolan, Richard Oakley, Tony Oldham, Mika
Oulton, Derek Padfield, Nicky Palmer, Stephanie Parry, Clive
Pearl, David Polack, Rosemary Prichard, Michael
Eminent Scholars Archive
Renquist, William (US judge)
Rogerson, Pippa Scott, Jo Sealy, Len
Eminent Scholars Archive
Simester, Andrew
Simmonds, Nigel Smith, Tony
Eminent Scholars Archive
Spencer, John
Eminent Scholars Archive
Steiner, Willi
Tettenborn, Andrew Thomas, David Thornley, John Tiley, John
Wade, Bill Walker, Paul Weir, Tony Weller, Marc
Turpin, Colin
Eminent Scholars Archive
Williams, David Williams, Glanville Wright, Charles Alan
Yates, David Yishi, Matsuvra Zimmerman, Reinhard Zines, Leslie
Eminent Scholars Archive

Professor Clarke's photographs were taken on roll film with Nikon equipment.