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Fiduciary Obligations: 40th Anniversary Republication with Additional Essays, Federation Press (2016) (Foreword by Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE)
Finn's Law An Australian Justice, Federation Press (2016) (edited by Tim Bonyhady - the result of a conference held in Canberra dealing with Professor Finn's work)
Fiduciary Obligations, Law Book Co (1978)
Law and Government in Colonial Australia, Oxford University Press (1987)

Edited Volumes

Essays in Equity, Law Book Co (1985)
Equity and Commercial Relationships, Law Book Co (1987)
Essays on Contract, Law Book Co (1987)
Essays on Torts, Law Book Co (1989)
Essays on Restitution, Law Book Co (1990)
Essays on Damages, Law Book Co (1992)
Essays on Law and Government, Vol 1, Law Book Co (1995)
Essays on Law and Government, Vol 2, Law Book Co (1996)


Integrity in government project:

Official Information, Australian National University (1991)
Official Misconduct, Australian National University (1993)


"Public Function – Private Action: A Common Law Dilemma" in Benn & Gaus, The Public and Private in Social Life, Croom Helm (1983)
"Equitable Estoppel" in Finn (ed), Essays in Equity, Law Book Co (1985)
"Equity and Contract" in Finn (ed), Essays on Contract, Law Book Co (1987)
"Conflicts of Interest – The Businessman and the Professional", New Zealand Legal Research Foundation, Professional Responsibility (1987)
"Good Faith and Non-Disclosure" in Finn (ed), Essays on Tort, Law Book Co (1989)
"The Fiduciary Principle" in Youdan (ed), Equity, Fiduciaries and Trusts, Carswell (1989)
"Fiduciary Law and the Modern Commercial World" in McKendrick (ed), Commercial Aspects of Trusts and Fiduciary Obligations, Clarendon Press, Oxford (1992)
"The Liability of Third Parties for Knowing Receipt or Assistance" in Waters (ed), Equity, Fiduciaries and Trusts: 1993, Carswell (1993)
"The Law and Officials" in Chapman (ed), Ethics in Public Service, Edinburgh University Press (1993)
"The Forgotten ‘Trust’: The People and the State" in Cope (ed), Equity Issues and Trends, Federation Press (1995)
"A Sovereign People, A Public Trust" in Finn (ed), Essays on Law and Government, Vol 1, Law Book Co (1995)
"Claims Against the Government Legislation" in Finn (ed), Essays on Law and Government, Vol 2, Law Book Co (1996)
"A Comment" in Oakley (ed), Trends in Contemporary Trust Law, Oxford (1996)
"Modern Equity" in Rishworth (ed), The Struggle for Simplicity in the Law, Butterworths (1997)
"Equitable Doctrine and Discretion in Remedies" in Cornish (ed), Restitution Past Present and Future, Hart (1998)
"Australia Compared" in Bigwood (ed), Legal Method in New Zealand, Butterworths (2001)
"Statutes and the Common Law: The Continuing Story" in Corcoran, Interpreting Statutes, Federation Press (2005)
"The Fringes of the Law: Public or Private Functions" in Rahemtula (ed), Justice According to Law, Supreme Court of Queensland Library (2006)

Articles and Seminars

"Electoral Corruption and Malpractice" (1976/1977) 8 Federal Law Review 194
"Public Officers: Some Personal Liabilities" (1977) 51 Australian Law Journal 313
"Shareholder Agreements" (1978) 6 Australian Business Law Review 97
"Official Misconduct" (1978) 2 Criminal Law Journal 307
"A Road not Taken: The Boyce Plaintiff and Lord Cairns’ Act" (Pt I) (1983) 57 Australian Law Journal 493
"A Road not Taken: The Boyce Plaintiff and Lord Cairns’ Act" (Pt II) (1983) 57 Australian Law Journal 571
"Fiduciary Obligations of Operators and Co-Venturers in Natural Resources Joint Ventures" (1984) Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Association Yearbook 160
"Confidentiality and the 'public interest'" (1984) 58 ALJ 497
"Commerce, the Common Law and Morality" (1989) 17 MULR 87
"Contract and the Fiduciary Principle" (1989) 12 UNSWLJ 76
"Australian Developments in Common and Commercial Law" (1990) JBL 265
"The Law and Officials" (1990)
"Management Ethics: The Public Trust and Official Accountability" R.A.I.P.A. (1990)
"Equity in Contemporary Australian Law" London School of Economics (1990)
"Whistleblowing" (1991) 66 Canberra Bulletin of Public Administration 169
"Integrity in Government" Royal Institute of Public Administration Australia, Adelaide (1991)
"GBEs and Accountability to the Public" R.A.I.P.A., Adelaide (1992)
"The Citizen, the Government and 'Reasonable Expectations'" (1992) 66 ALJ 139
"Statutes and the Common Law" (1992) UWALR 7
"Professionals and Confidentiality" (1992) 14 Syd LR 317
"Mr Beatson’s ‘Unfinished Business’" SPTL Conference, Aberdeen (1992)
"Integrity in Government" (1992) 3 Public Law Review 243
"The Abuse of Public Power in Australia: Making our Governors our Servants" (1993) 75 Canberra Bulletin of Public Administration 14
"The Role of the Auditor-General?" Auditor-Generals’ Conference, Hobart (1994)
"Reshaping the Institutions of Governance" (1994)
"The abuse of public power in Australia: making our governors our servants" (1994) 5 Public Law Review 43
"Of Power and the People: Ends and Methods in Australian Judge-Made Law" (1994) 1 Judicial Review 255
"Public Trust and Public Accountability" (1994) 3 Griffith Law Review 224
"Unconscionable Conduct" (1994) 8 Journal of Contract Law 37
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"Controlling the Exercise of Power" (1996) 7 Public Law Review 86
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"Equity and Commercial Contracts: A Comment" (2001) Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Association Yearbook 414
"Fiduciary Reflections" 13th Commonwealth Law Conference, Melbourne (2003)
"Good Faith and Fair Dealing and Boats against the Current" Second Biennial Conf on the Law of Obligations – Uni of Melb (2004)
"Public Law and Commerce" Australian Institute of Administrative Law, Adelaide (2004)
"The Crown as a Model Litigant" Law Society Seminar, Adelaide (2005)
"Law and History in Four Parts" [2005] ANZLH E-Journal 239
"Good Faith and Fair Dealing: Australia" (2005) 11 NZ Business Law Quarterly 378
"Government in Commerce or Commerce in Government" Commercial Law Association, Sydney (2006)
"Unconscionable Conduct?" Trade Practices Workshop, South Australia (2006)
"The Unidroit Principles" Federal Court of Australia Conference (2007)
"Federal Administrative Law" Address to South Australian Legal Profession (2007)
"Knowing Receipt and Knowing Assistance: Balkanising Equity" 25th Annual Banking & Financial Services Law & Practice Conf, Queenstown, New Zealand (2008)
"The Unidroit Principles: An Australian Perspective" (2008)
"Public Trusts and Fiduciary Relations" Opening Remarks at the Fiduciary Duty, Public Trust and the Governance of Climate Change Workshop, Melb (2009)
"National Contract Law and Transnational Norms and Practices" (2009)
"Public Trusts, Public Fiduciaries" (2010)
"Internationalisation or Isolation: The Australian Cul de Sac? The Case of Contract Law" Exploring Private Law (edited by Elise Bant and Matthew Harding) [yet to be published – Cambridge University Press)]

Editorial Boards

Public Law Review (In 2010, agreed to be Assistant Editor for the Public Law Review in relation to Statutory Interpretation)
University of Queensland Law Journal
Australian Journal of Legal History
Uniform Law Review