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The Squire Law Library has an extensive collection of EU materials. This includes primary legislation (Treaties), secondary legislation (Regulations, Directives and Decisions), preparatory materials (draft legislation and documents related to the legislative process), case law of the European Court of Justice, bulletins, newsletters, monographs and serials. To bolster these European materials, there are extensive collections on Comparative Law, Conflict of Laws and Roman Law.

Because the Squire Law Library is administratively part of the Univerity Library system, readers also have access to the European Documentation Centre (EDC) in the main University Library (200 yards north of the Squire Law Library across West Road - see the map). The EDC contains all official publications and documents of the European Union, which are placed in the University Library in its role as a depositary. It forms part of a Europe-wide system of selected sites established by the European Union in 1963 with an aim to support understanding, teaching and research in European legal matters. There are 44 such sites in the United Kingdom - see the European Documentation Centres homepage for more information. Although the University Library formally became an EDC in 1963, prior to that, an exchange agreement existed with the Coal and Steel Community. Consequently acquisition of European legal materials by the UL goes back to the foundation of the European Communities.

Teaching and research in European Union law is strong in the Law Faculty. This tradition was started by Dr Kurt Lipstein (later Professor of Comparative Law from 1973 - 1976) and is currently concentrated in the Centre for European Legal Studies (CELS). Currently the Director of CELS is John Bell (Professor of Law 2001 - present). A recent important contribution to EU legal studies in the UK has been made by Alan Dashwood (Professor of European Law 1992 - present) who produced (with Wyatt) the standard text Wyatt & Dashwood's European Union Law while previously acting as Director of CELS.

Because of the rapid growth in volume and importance of EU legislation and its relationship to English law, the Squire Law Library has an active policy of strengthening its collection to support teaching and research in all areas. This is particularly so in the fields of enlargement, external relations and constitutional law. Currently our strengths lie in Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Law and Corporate Law. Squire Law Library staff are actively engaged in teaching sources of European Union law which involves instruction in both printed sources, as well as the electronic databases covering European Union law to which the library subscribes. These include Justis Context, Westlaw UK, Lexis and the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals.

A consolidated list of the Squire Law Library 's primary holdings in European Union Law can be found on the FLAG database, a collaborative Internet gateway to the holdings of foreign, international and comparative law in UK universities and national libraries.