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Devolution in the United Kingdom

Department of Constitutional Affairs Devolution Guidance

Department of Constitutional Affairs Practice Directives : Civil Procedure Rules

House of Commons Research Papers

The House of Commons Voting Systems: The Government's Proposals, House of Commons Research Paper, July 1998

House of Commons The Barnett Formula, House of Commons Research Paper, January 1999

House of Commons Procedural Consequences of Devolution issues, Research Paper October 1999

House of Commons Devolution and Concordats, House of Commons Research Paper, October 1999

Comment and Criticism

UCL Constitution Unit Constitutional Update: Devolution 1997-2005

UCL Constitution Unit Nations and Regions Programme: The Dynamics of Devolution, Summary of on-going research

House of Commons An Introduction to Devolution in the UK, House of Commons Research Paper, November 2003

House of Commons Devolution in the UK

Department for Constitutional Affairs Briefing on Devolution in the UK

House of Lords Constitution Committee Devolution: Inter-institutional relationships in the United Kingdom, January 2003

Richard Wyn Jones and Roger Scully, Devolution and Constitutional Change Programme Public Opinion, National Identity and Devolution, March 2003

Martin Burch, University of Manchester Devolution and EU policy making in the UK, November 2003

Devolution and Constitutional Change Programme : Devolution: What Difference Has it Made? Interim findings of the research programme, March 2004