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Northern Ireland


House of Commons The Northern Ireland Bill: Implementing the Belfast Agreement, Research Paper 98/76

Office of the First Minister & Deputy First Minister Belfast Agreement, December 1999. Includes links to many related documents and contemporary press releases

The Governments of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland The Way Forward, July 1999

The Northern Ireland Office The Talks leading to the Belfast Agreement, December 1999

The Northern Ireland Assembly First Report of the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission December 1999 - March 2002, 2002

The Northern Ireland Assembly Annual Report of the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission April 2002 - March 2003

Comment and Criticism

Robin Wilson and Rick Wilford Devolution and Constitutional Change programme: Northern Ireland: A Route to Stability? 2003

Paul Carmichael and Colin Knox Devolution and Constitutional Change programme : Democracy Beyond the Northern Ireland Assembly: The Review of Public Administration, 2003

James Mitchell Devolution and Constitutional Change programme: Understanding Stormont-London Relations, January 2004


Northern Ireland Act 1998

Northern Ireland Act 2000

Northern Ireland Assembly Elections Act 2003

Northern Ireland (Monitoring Commission etc) Act 2003

Northern Ireland Assembly (Elections and Perioids of Suspension) Act 2003