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House of Commons Research Papers

The Scotland Act 1998. Devolution and Scotland's Parliament Research Paper 98/1, January 1998

The Scotland Bill. Operational Aspects of Scottish Devolution. Research Paper 98/2, January 1998

The Scotland Bill. Some Constitutional and Representational Aspects Research Paper 98/3 January 1998

Scottish Office

Donald Dewar, Secretary of State for Scotland Devolved Britons: Scotland in the UK

Scottish Parliament

Principles Underpinning the Parliament, May 1999


Philip Schlesinger, University of Stirling Scotland's Parliament Devolution, the Media and Political Culture, February 1998, ARENA working paper


Scotland Act 1998 Evolution of the Act and associated delegated legislation

Comment and Criticism

Graham Leicester Scottish Council Foundation: First Year Report Card: Devolution in Scotland, June 2000

Kenneth Mackenzie, University of Aberdeen Great Expectations: The Scottish Experience, April 2002

Mark McAteer Scottish Local Government and Devolution: An Evaluation of the First Two Years, April 2002

Micheal Keating, Devolution and Constitutional Change Programme : How distinctive is Holyrood? An Analysis of Legislation in the first Scottish Parliament, 2004