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Friday, 2 July 2010

Mr RWM DiasThe Squire Library and the Faculty of Law are pleased to announce an important enhancement to the existing entry for the late Mr R.W.M. Dias (1921 – 2009) to the Eminent Scholars Archive. Mr Dias began his association with the Faculty in the final days of the pre-WWII era. In mid 1939 he travelled with his father from Ceylon, via the Suez Canal and Marseilles, to Cambridge, where he was ensconced in Trinity Hall. He later joined the RAF and fought in the war. The Eminent Scholars Archive has been very fortunate in obtaining from Mr Dias’ daughter, Julia Dias Q.C. to whom we are very grateful, copies of some fascinating photographs taken by Mr Dias and his father. They document their voyage to the UK, together with views of Cambridge colleges and London prior to, and in the aftermath of, the declaration of war in September 1939.

This is a further valuable contribution to the Cambridge Law Faculty Eminent Scholars Archive, which is an expanding resource in which we document the careers and achievements of scholars associated with the Squire Law Library and Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge. It contains extensive bibliographies, biographies, photographs and interviews with some of the world's most renowned academic and practising lawyers.

Other eminent scholars already featured are: Professor Kurt Lipstein, Professor Peter Stein, Professor Sir Derek Bowett, Professor Sir Eli Lauterpacht, Professor Sir Bob Hepple and ICJ Judge Stephen Schwebel, as well as shorter interviews with incumbent Goodhart Professors (Professor Martti Koskenniemi, and Sir Robin Auld).