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Thursday, 26 June 2014

TradeLawGuideThe Squire Law Library has recently subscribed to the TradeLawGuide database (Law of the World Trade Organization (WTO)).

TradeLawGuide provides nine research tools for comprehensive and granular research of WTO law. Its document collection contains WTO legal agreements and instruments, negotiating history, precursor agreements, all related WTO and pre-WTO case law, dispute documents and other related content. The research tools are grounded in citators that provide pinpoint references to all case law substantively citing WTO and pre-WTO provisions, to all case law substantively citing other case law (enabling you to "note up" or "shepardize"” WTO case law), and to all minutes of the Dispute Settlement Body commenting on disputes and associated case law. The Subject Navigator organizes topics alphabetically drilling down in detail with every click.

Content in TradeLawGuide is organized like a text book for general reference or fine tuning for very specific details. Other value-added research tools are built upon this high level of detail: Annotated Agreements, Interpretation, Terms & Phrases, Jurisprudence Pending and Text Search. Also includes summaries and commentaries on case law. On Line Learning Centre provides videos and manuals on use of database.

TradeLawGuide can be accessed via the Squire Electronic Resources Legal Databases page.