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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Dame Rosalyn Higgins Interviewed for the Eminent Scholars ArchiveThe Squire Law Library and the Faculty of Law are pleased to announce that the entry for Dame Rosalyn Higgins, Past President of the International Court of Justice, has just been added to the Eminent Scholars Archive.

Dame Rosalyn had a long and illustrious career in international law and human rights that spanned the early years of the United Nations and culminated in her achieving the pinnacle of legal practice, the Presidency of the International Court of Justice. Packed into this glittering and varied career were, inter alia her studies at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), and several posts at LSE (including the Chair of International Law). Dame Rosalyn’s association with Cambridge started in the late 50s, when she did her LLB at Girton College. She later proceeded to Yale to study for her JSD. She speaks of these times during the interview, and includes some fascinating, matter-of-fact reminiscences of her wartime childhood. Of particular historical interest are her thoughts on the development of international law-making by the UN and its role in peace-keeping, and her observations on the organisation of the International Court of Justice.

This is a further valuable contribution to the Cambridge Law Faculty Eminent Scholars Archive, which is an expanding resource in which we document the careers and achievements of scholars associated with the Squire Law Library and Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge. It contains extensive bibliographies, biographies, photographs and interviews with some of the world's most renowned academic and practising lawyers.

Other eminent scholars already featured are: Professor Kurt Lipstein, Professor Peter Stein, Professor Sir Derek Bowett, Mr R.W.M. Dias, Professor Sir Eli Lauterpacht, Professor Sir Bob Hepple, ICJ Judge Stephen Schwebel, Professor Tony Jolowicz, Professor Toby Milsom, Professor Philip Allott, Mr Michael J Prichard and Professor Len Sealy. There are also shorter interviews with incumbent Goodhart Professors (Professor Martti Koskenniemi, Sir Robin Auld, Justice Paul Finn, Professor Jane Stapleton, Professor Peter Cane, Professor Spyridon Flogaitis, Professor Gerald Postema, Professor Leslie Zines and Professor David Dyzenhaus).

The Eminent Scholars Archive is also available to listen, or subscribe to, via iTunes U.