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Friday, 29 May 2015

Trinity Minds 1317-1945: An Intellectual Account of Trinity College CambridgeA new book "Trinity Minds 1317-1945: An Intellectual Account of Trinity College Cambridge" has been authored by Professor PJ Allott, Emeritus Professor of International Public Law, and published by Cambridge Independent Press.

A visitor to a Cambridge college sees a collection of buildings. The buildings obviously have some sort of coherence, as if they were designed to serve some particular purpose. However, unlike a factory or a museum, their purpose is obscure. It is an activity of the mind. Its traditional formulation is education and research.

For more than seven centuries, there have been people present in Cambridge as students, or working here in teaching and research. The purpose of this book is to share with our visitors some idea of what we, transient inhabitants of one college in this little local world, have been doing over the course of so many years, in Cambridge and far beyond.

The book is available from the Great Gate Kiosk, Trinity College, Heffers, or David's Bookshop (signed copies).

Professor Philip Allott also received the International Environmental Law Award 2014 from the Center for International Environmental Law (Washington DC) during their 25th Anniversary Celebrations.  His acceptance can be seen on YouTube.

Professor Allott has an extensive entry in the Squire Eminent Scholars Archive detailing his biography and many publications, and featuring interviews discussing his career.