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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Researcher with laptopWe're pleased to announce that a new browser extension is now available for all members of the University, thanks to an initiative of Cambridge University Library Digital Services. The extension is called Lean Library and is designed for highly mobile researchers.

Lean removes the need to enter passwords for access to each individual article when off-campus thereby improving connection to content and saving time. It also cleverly integrates subscription access with any open access alternative. Lean Library has been configured to recognize whenever a Cambridge University user has access, no matter which platform is chosen for the search and it just requires a single Raven authentication for the first article accessed in a browsing session.

The Lean Library extension can be downloaded from:

Please note that this link recognizes which browser you are using. Lean Library works with most modern browsers (including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer,and Firefox). Downloading is a simple process and takes seconds. Just under the button to download on the Lean Library site you will see a “Privacy statement” which it is recommended to all users to read before proceeding.