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Friday, 24 September 2021

Pre-booking no longer required

As Covid-19 restrictions are gradually eased, and as the new academic year approaches, some of the limitations for using the Squire Law Library have been relaxed. However, the overall approach to using the library will continue to be in line with that of using the David Williams Building as a whole. Further details can be found here. Further information about University policies relating to Covid-19 can be found on the University’s Stay Safe Cambridge Uni webpages.

The library is open to all current staff and student members of the University of Cambridge, as well as members of affiliated institutions. From Monday 27 September 2021 onwards, pre-booking will not be necessary for visits to the library to use the print collections, the IT facilities and study spaces. 

The library continues to operate with a reduced capacity, but one that has been increased since the end of the last academic year. If a space is not available at the time of your visit, then we suggest making a return later in the day and / or consider using one of the other libraries that are located close by.

Safety in the library: hands, face, space

Cambridge University Libraries, of which the Squire Law Librrary is a part, expects readers to be conscientious in respecting the current guidance around the continuing emphasis on ‘Hands, Face, Space’. The current guidance for using libraries at the University can be found here.

  • Face coverings: strongly recommended

    In line with the University’s policy on the use of face coverings, it is strongly recommended that face coverings be worn in the David Williams Building, including the Squire Law Library.

  • Social distancing: maintain an appropriate distance from others

    All users of the David Williams Building are asked to be sensitive to, and conscious of, other users of the building by maintaining an appropriate distance from others and avoiding gathering in groups; this includes when visiting the library. The seats at the study desks have been arranged to enable social distancing.

  • Hygiene: continue to be safe

    Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance and in multiple locations around the library. Everyone should use hand sanitiser on entering the library. Desk cleaning materials are also provided. Toilets and hand washing facilities are located on each floor.

Covid-19 Symptoms and self-isolation

Anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or are otherwise required to self-isolate, should not enter the David Williams Building, and therefore not visit the Squire Law Library, until the requisite period has expired.